The year started very slowly. Debs and I were both very tired after all we had done in 2002. We did of course go to Storme's and WayOut and visited our very dear friends at the Sandridge in Newquay. However, by the end of February it was time to stage a little party chez nous at Tranny Grange. Stella brought her camera and set up a photographic studio right here in our living room.

Of course there was the customary Debbie's Delicious Dinner treat……….

….. and soon our guests began to arrive.

Stella, Stella & Nicola…

..the lovely Lauren…


..Nicola talking to Patrick..

..Hostess Debs taking a 5 minute break..



Colleen & Louise

Jo (keep your legs together on the stairs!)

… and last but not least your hostess, Nicki






For a selection of the professional (and very glamorous photographs) taken during the evening please click here








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