2002 started with a disaster. Debbie turned her back on GLAM. There has been much speculation and discussion as to why this happened. She, herself, didn't have a simple explanation. Partly she was exhausted from all our activities during 2001, culminating in the perennial Christmas & New Year's parties; partly she had reached the pinnacle of her glam aspirations at the New Year Party at the Sandridge Hotel in Newquay, where, dressed in a red diamante sequinned dress, sporting a feather boa (and we're talking OSTRICH feathers here, ok?), she stole the show as Miss Scarlet Mascara.


Well, whatever the reasons, Debbie turned her back on the whole world of glamour and in so doing turned the world of Tranny Grange upside down. No photographs exist from that time, I'm afraid. Of course there were soirees, visits to Storme's and WayOut in London, as well as the Sandridge in Newquay. But always it was with the new Rock Chick look she had adopted. Yes she sparkled, yes she was glamorous in a strange, but nevertheless sparkly kind of way, but she wasn't Debbie Diamante, the Glamour Queen extraordinaire, known the world over for her sparkles.


At Tranny Grange, we concluded that the simple fact was that she had been abducted by aliens. More of the story unfolded as the year progressed


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