March 2002

After the photo party in February, things began to improve a little. First off was DJ Dave's birthday held at the Sandridge Hotel in Newquay. DJ Dave is a very dear friend of ours. His camp music selection, together with style of dancing and his whole demeanour has made him world famous in the Newquay area. Of course he is equally well known by his other persona, Miss Lucy Lastic


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However, the joy and delights inspired by Lucy's party were to be short lived. Horror of horrors ! News arrived that the Sandridge was to be sold and transformed over night into a backpacker's b&b.


Two weeks later we were back in Newquay, making plans for the Grand Finale Party at our favourite club. The evening coincided with a new girl's (Shannon) debut from the Isle of Wight, and we had a FAB time.


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All too soon, the week passed and one of the saddest days in all of trannydom came to pass. Nevertheless we were determined to make it a night to remember.


For a photographic report of the wonderful albeit VERY sad evening at the Sandridge Hotel, please click here


Well that was IT - the very last party EVER at the Sandridge Hotel. Of course the friends we made there will be friends for life. We still meet up quite regularly, but it will never be the same again. But 'never' is a long, long time. Perhaps a new venue will be found before too long and we can all enjoy again, the fabulous atmosphere created at the Sandridge by Pat the owner, now retired. My only regret is that we didn't find it years earlier. Thank you Pat and God Bless !


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