United States




July 2005


Thursday June 30th was the first day of our 17-day (now) annual excursion to the US.


What a truly FABULOUS time we all had Ė learning from our earlier visits we flew to LA and stayed in Hollywood (well, where else ?) to acclimatise and do some SHOPPING ! 3 days later we drove up to Vegas where we met up with my sister Katarina, Martin, and, of course, the lovable Kenny, aka Celine. We stayed in The Stardust Hotel in a penthouse suite on the 27th floor. It was SPECTACULAR !


A few days later we were off to Palm Springs fo 10 days of vacation, relaxation , fun and frolics.


A picture paints a thousand words, so they say, and I started with a thousand pictures. Iíve selected the best and believe me, they are SENSATIONAL !!


Anyway enough of all that. Letís get on with the show. The photos below are links to the three stages of our WONDERFUL vacation.














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