Claire's Luncheon

On Tuesday 6th March, Claire, a very dear friend of ours came over during the day for a lunchtime dressing session. Claire is married and her partner does not know about her dressing and so she enjoys the occasional lunch with us, when she can dress in her own clothes which we store and keep here for her. Debbie prepares the lunch - just a little something (when EVER was…….

…..something that Debbie prepares 'just a little something'?!?!?), and we have a good girlie get together to talk openly in natural and very pleasant surroundings about the things we girls like to discuss.

On this occasion lunch was followed by a 'trying on' of various items of clothes from our extensive wardrobe, and photographs were taken.

Of COURSE, Nicki the old tart, (not so much of the 'old', thank you very much!), just HAD to get in on the act and have a photo or two taken as well!

Claire would dearly love to hear from you with your thoughts and comments. To e-mail her please click here.

We know that being a tranny isn't simply a matter of putting on a frock - it's much, much, MUCH more. It wouldn't be quite so bad if all trannies had understanding partners, but unfortunately that rarely seems to be the case. 'Dressing' is so frowned upon and viewed so suspiciously which perhaps explains why so many of those who don't do it themselves, can never understand just how truly FABULOUS it is to switch into femme mode. Sadly it is because of that ignorance, that not only partners (and many, many trannies are respectable husbands and fathers) shy away from anything to do with transvestism, but also trannies themselves have to carry the very tiring burden of keeping their 'darkest' secret to themselves.

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