Nicki & Debbie's

Diary 2000/2001

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Christmas Decadence

Friday 8th December 2000

Valentine's Decadence

Friday 23rd February 2001

Claire's Luncheon

Tuesday 6th March 2001


Saturday 17th March 2001


Saturday 5th May 2001

Decadence IV - June Brides

Friday 29th June 2001

House of Drag

Wednesday, 19th July 2001

Seven go camping (camping it up in London)

Saturday 28th July 2001

London - Diva Night

Saturday 11th August 2001

Fancy Dress Summer Ball

Saturday 18th August 2001

Di & Kym's Blessing

Saturday 22nd Sept. 2001

Fancy Dress Hallowe'en

Saturday 27th October 2001

Glitter Ball

Thursday 29th November 2001

Christmas Decadence 2001

Friday 7th December 2001

London Limo

Saturday 8th December 2001

New Year Fancy Dress

Monday 31st December 2001


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