On Saturday Debs and I packed our bags (AND fur coats - NOT REAL ones for all those worried about animal rights! - because it was already snowing when we left Northampton) for a weekend in London.

We hadn't been for AGES so we decided to treat ourselves by staying overnight. We booked into The Tower Thistle - right by Tower Bridge and VERY handy for Storme's and WayOut. We'd found a really good deal on teletext - £39 per person per night INCLUDING bed and full English breakfast. We've stayed there before and never had any problems coming or going 'en femme' as long as we're discreet.

I digress…. We got there about lunchtime, met up with our friend Joanne from the Isle of Wight, and set off for lunch at Randall & Aubin's in Soho (the food there is DELICIOUS and the servers are soooo camp and friendly)

The afternoon we spent SHOPPING in Soho and nearby Oxford Street - we bought a few accessories, jewellery, and a feathery head thing for Debbie, which she just HAD to have to complete her outfit for the evening!

Exhausted we went back to The Tower for a relaxing drink in the bar and a snack before getting ready for the evening.

At 10.30 we were made up, glammed up, and ready to hit the town!

With a "Let's go, girls" and remembering our motto, "Bold is Best", we called the lift, walked out across the foyer (leaving other hotel guests gaping in our wake <g>) and down into the garage below.

We got to Storme's around 11 to be greeted by Andrea the new proprietor and hostess. It was just getting busy and we chatted with lots of friends.

We stayed to watch the cabaret which was a most welcome innovation by Andrea who was busy taking lots of photos. To see them you'll need to go to her website which is

Then we were off to WayOut where everything was BUZZING with excitement! It was Carnival night, and the artistes were SPECTACULAR and their costumes were FABULOUS!

Here are a selection of the photos we took

The cabaret finished at about 3 am. We were sooo exhausted and at 3.30 decided to call it a day. We couldn't go to bed though without a couple more photos, especially of the delectable Miss Debbie J

Good night……. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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