Christmas Decadence

Northampton Friday December 8th

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The evening began around 4 o'clock in the afternoon, when our guests began arriving.

They were greeted by Debbie, very glamorously dressed, and myself, still running around in my black silk (very short) nightie, and pink fluffy slippers, trying to finish my makeup.

Guests were welcomed with a glass of bubbly and introduced to each other. Then they made use of our luxurious Jacuzzi air bath and theatrical dressing room to pamper themselves as the 'girls' transformed into beautiful ladies. Debbie and I were on hand to provide practical makeup assistance where required, to ensure that everyone, including first timers and newcomers, felt good and confident about their appearance.

This was, after all, going to be a night to remember……


When everyone was ready they helped themselves to Debbie's sumptuous buffet and some more bubbly was served as guests chatted and made new friendships and re-kindled old ones….







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